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What do nappy rash, Calvin Klein and Pernod have in common?

And you could throw in to the mix – Marks & Spencer, nautical charts and Toyota, too. Any ideas? The answer is the QR code, the little white box with black square dots forming a geometric pattern on it. The pattern of dots forms a matrix barcode which can be read by a camera on [...]

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Check out this bad boy!

Ok, so we’re a bit over-excited at the launch of our latest website, StairKits.co.uk.

DesignerStairs are one of our oldest clients and we were delighted when they asked us to design a new e-commerce website to run in tandem with their existing website, StaircaseKits.co.uk which has been successfully established for several years. DesignerStairs sells amazing [...]

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Is this the future?

“65% of today’s school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.”

According to a fascinating blog post from Quib.ly “Your kids’ future career looks nothing like your job”, 65% of today’s school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.
Quib.ly have produced a great infographic for [...]

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Yes! Hold your breath…

because our latest website is almost ready to hit your screen! We are in the final stages of designing and building a website for an amazing dress designer who specialises in fabulous clothes for the Mother of the Bride (or Groom), ball gowns, complete outfits for wedding guests – including gorgeous hats, shoes and matching [...]

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Bristol Link-Up III

No outciders when South West goes social

The Bristol Link-up III: review of recent marketer networking event
10th March 2011

If you want to see local networking at its best, head to Bristol. They love it. The third Only Marketing Jobs South West networking event attracted 160 marketers of all shapes and sizes, galvanising a community entrenched in [...]

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Is your Bank Manager …

Is your Bank Manager in quarantine?
“I stared at the man sitting opposite me as he studied the sheets of paper I’d pushed towards him. In his late 50s perhaps, pale and podgy from a life lived in an overheated office under the glare of “environmentally friendly” fluorescent lights. I was trying to see if the [...]

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Bristol Link Up II

The 4th August saw the Only Marketing Jobs regional marketers networking initiative set a new record for attendance, as swanky BSB Bar played host to more than 200 business professional revellers.
Not unusually for Bristol the venue was half-full before the official opening time of 6pm.  What is it about Bristol and after-work drinking?!  This set [...]

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We were delighted to be present at the ground-breaking Catwalk Show for Berwin & Berwin, held in association with House of Fraser in Exeter. And what a great event it was! As a female of the species, I couldn’t have had more fun than watching some very handsome men dressed in absolutely beautiful tailoring grooving [...]

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welcome to i4detail

At i4detail, we are bursting with creative ideas and energy.  Not only that, but we have the ability to bring these ideas to life – for you.  We understand the demands on small & medium sized businesses and startups who have the marketing needs but possibly not the expertise or the time to provide effective marketing solutions.
We offer a [...]

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