I have always had a love of photographic images, whether carefully composed or a random capture of a moment in time. My father was a dedicated amateur photographer back in the days of 35mm film and I spent many, (many) hours watching him reviewing and sorting the thousands of slides he had produced during his travels around the world.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his world travelling gene but his love of photography has filtered through into my genome and created an unquenchable thirst for beautiful images that inspire me through the lens.

I use a Canon 1300D DSLR and also my Huawei P20Pro phone to capture the images which I’m dropping on to this site. Pretty basic equipment but they are slowly helping me to develop my techniques and understanding of this amazing science – or is it an art?  And I’m learning every day.

Trying to create a photograph which satisfies my soul is an itch that I can’t quite scratch – but it’s great fun trying.