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Virtual Marketing Department

 Not every organisation has the benefit of their own Marketing Department where they can access a pool of creative, experienced and technical people. But nearly every business would occasionally love to be able to dip into such a font of expertise .

So, instead of supporting the heavy costs of a permanent team of people, use the services of i4detail and have instant access to your own Virtual Marketing Department, who will work directly with you and be fully committed to you, to understand your business needs and produce exceptional and effective marketing materials and concepts. You just choose as much or as little as you need of this specialist resource.

Whatever your marketing needs, i4detail offers you a great V-Marketing package. This is the perfect solution if you have regular tasks such as updating your website, sending out Press Releases or newsletters or creating stylish advertisements.

And, of course, this is a very cost-effective marketing solution especially for startups and smaller businesses …

i4detail Virtual Marketing Department:

  • consulting, content and design services
  • minimum 3 month contract
  • minimum 10 hours per month
  • priority service and scheduling
  • If our Virtual Marketing Department ticks all your boxes, email us or call us on 0845 62 111 71.


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