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Is your Bank Manager …

Is your Bank Manager in quarantine?

“I stared at the man sitting opposite me as he studied the sheets of paper I’d pushed towards him. In his late 50s perhaps, pale and podgy from a life lived in an overheated office under the glare of “environmentally friendly” fluorescent lights. I was trying to see if the index finger of his right hand was distended or over-developed after a lifetime of stabbing at a calculator keypad, but I couldn’t quite see. He shuffled the papers, staring at the neat rows of figures, colourful pie charts and graphs.

He sat back in his chair, a black mock leather swivelly chair set a few inches higher than mine. He looked at home and comfortable in his surroundings. I was not comfortable; my chair was small and grey and hard. A “can’t wait till I get out of here” chair.

Eventually, he looked up, a voice just slightly tremulous, saying “Where did you get these?” with just an echo in his voice of a feeling that he had just handled something slightly illegal. As I looked back at him across his desk, I realised … read more…

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