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Is this the future?

“65% of today’s school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.”

According to a fascinating blog post from Quib.ly “Your kids’ future career looks nothing like your job”, 65% of today’s school kids will end up in jobs that haven’t even been invented yet.

Quib.ly have produced a great infographic for this. Click on the thumbnail to see it in more detail.

Alongside the predictable futurama work of “space pilots, tour guides and architects”, the Quib.ly post looks at the study by ‘Science: [So What? So Everything] which raises the perennial question of the future job prospects for the less skilled workers.  “There’s speculation that hospital orderlies, shop workers and teaching assistants could soon be replaced by their automated equivalents.” And a current “hot potato” (pardon the pun), is the certain knowledge that one of the largest challenges facing this future world is that of feeding the ever-increasing population. It is predicted that farming will be even more scientifically driven and vertical farming will be developed to tackle the diminishing acreage of farmland; this in itself will create some new career challenges for the newly emerging workforce in 2025.

“hospital orderlies, shop workers and teaching assistants could soon be replaced by their automated equivalents.”

Of course, this type of futurescape will place a strong demand for workers capable of building and supporting the new technologies.  The report reassuringly stresses that the future world will still need the traditional roles of politicians, lawyers, artists and entertainers and writers.  I’m not so sure how reassuring that is!

But, let’s throw in a word of caution.  Back in the 1950s, when new technologies were bursting into life and changing the shape of the average person’s working and living environment, futurists confidently mapped out the world in 2000.  According to them, in the year 2000:

  • we would be harvesting fresh water from the oceans to turn great deserts into gardens
  • there would be peace on earth
  • space travel would be commonplace

Frank R Paul's Flying Car

You can see more of these predictions (including some very near the mark) in the blog by Kevin Hall on DVICE “10 Predictions 1950s Futurism Got Right and Wrong About Year 2000″.

So, what jobs do you imagine your children will be doing? Will they be working 2 days a week and travelling around a disease-free world in a flying car?

There’s never a Tardis when you need one…

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