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So, your website is beautiful, full of quality content and has been carefully optimised for the pleasure of the search engines.  But you need quicker results than the slow burn of the search engines’ site indexing which can take up to 8 weeks before their spiders even visit your site?  In this case, you need to look at more direct methods of marketing your website such as advertising or link building.

Probably the quickest and simplest method is pay per click advertising, which will bring your website to the top (or side) section of the search engine results page – the sponsored links.  Google Adwords is easy to set up and you can create small advertisements or a complete marketing campaign, using your chosen keywords and within your defined budget.  You will be vying with your competitors for the same choice of keywords and this can increase the costs of your adverts.  The Google Adwords system will also provide valuable response information for you to monitor your advertising  and measure the results. However, the main advantage of Adwords is that you only pay when a visitor clicks on the ad to go directly to your website.  If you would like i4detail to help you with setting up or running your Adwords campaign or any other form of advertising, just contact us.

Search engines will also rank your website on its link popularity.  They will check to see how many websites link back to yours and will evaluate the quality and quantity of these links.  Having more, quality, links will improve your ranking in the search engines and directories.  Building links has to be done with some care, and a little restraint.  There are some link building packages which create thousands of low quality and irrelevant links but the search engines now have more refined methods of assessing links and may even down-grade or reject a site which has mis-used link bulding. 


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