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 Did you know that there are over 233 million websites currently firing around the Internet? Among them are some wild and wacky sites – from Photos Of The Ghost Of Elvis On The Moon to 551 Tricks You Can Do With A Zippo Lighter! But they all have their place and, if they work at it, they also have their visitors.

So this is a very large pond in which your website needs to get noticed. There are no guarantees of success, but you will have a far better chance if your website is carefully designed so that it is clear, stylish, loads quickly, is easy to navigate and understand and effectively targets your key visitors. The same design and structure rules apply whether it is a personal website or a large e-commerce website - and everything in between. And, of course for a business, getting visitors to your website and converting them into customers is the main objective – but if it builds your brand, strengthens customer loyalty, informs visitors about your company and products at the same time, then your website is achieving its goals.

Initially, we will work with you to define exactly what it is you need to achieve with your website – what is your message, what is your brand image, are you selling products, services or information and who do you need to target. We will then be able to design your website to be your perfect online presence.

And, because we’ve sat down with you to define your website strategy, we will be able to create your website for a fixed price and we’ll show you exactly what is covered in this price. And we will offer unlimited design revisions, so that you can be sure you’ll be happy with the final result.

Just call us and see how we can equip you with your sharpest marketing tool.


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